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If mustachioed men were bred like champion racehorses, Tom Selleck would’ve sired an empire.

If mustachioed men were bred like champion racehorses, Tom Selleck would’ve sired an empire.

Herman Cain’s new videos are moving quickly into the Dalí/Buñuel slice-the-eyeball discomfort zone.

God I miss this man.

Geraldo: “Hoodies to Blame”

Geraldo Rivera, the most-mustachioed of sages Fox News offers, has declared that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as much to blame for his tragic death as the gunman, whackadoo neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.

Of course, using Geraldo’s…well, let’s call it “logic”, if young black men start dressing in foncy clothes, they’ll set themselves up to be robbed! Probably by people wearing hoodies.

Wonder what kind of pickle this garish, hooded button down puts Geraldo in?

It seems like just yesterday that Leon Black taught Larry David and the rest of the world how to get up in someone’s ass. And though nothing compares to the video, I thought it’d be nice to have a written reminder. Get in that ass, everyone!

Namath: Tebow Signing Is a Publicity Stunt, And I Should Know

Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath has already unleashed a barrage of criticism of the Jets-Tebow union. “I just think it’s a publicity stunt,” said the man wearing a fur coat and sunglasses on the sideline in the photo above.

Broadway Joe was quick to clarify that he likes Tebow as a player and a person, just not as a Jet. “I’m a Tim Tebow fan!” said Namath, perhaps hoping to stave off lightning bolts from the Almighty. “But I’m a bigger Jet fan than I am a Tim Tebow fan.”

Seems fair enough. And hey, if the B-List New York/Jersey football team had accomplished anything over the last 40 years, the media would have the chance to gather quotes from more than just one former Jet. Of course, with moves like this, the Jets clearly aren’t hoping to change that.